Heraldic significance of the emblem

sigla spp

In the middle of the sealing field there is a blue shield with two crossed golden swords pointing downwards. The shield is stamped by a red-beaked, golden eagle, carrying a cross. The tenants (supporters) of the shield are two golden lions with red tongue and claws.

The motto written in white letters on a red scarf has the words semper fidelis

The blue shield evokes the clear sky and the universal aspiration to freedom. Its shape recalls the shields of the medieval royal guards (the trabant guards).

The two crossed swords represent the protection and guard prerogatives of the institution. Their pointing downwards emphasizes the fact that the Protection and Guard Service has defensive prerogatives within the field of national safety.

The cross-carrying eagle, the central element on Romania’s coat of arms, emphasizes the Latin origin of the Romanian people, being taken over from the Romanian spiritual patrimony.

The cross which the eagle is carrying in its beak attests the fact that we are Christians, while the “cross-of-salvation” shape evokes the sacrifice capacity of our military.

The two lions signify power, vigilance, generosity and nobility. The lions represented as supporters are a heraldic element which appears on the seal of Michael the Brave, having been a symbol of national unity ever since the seventeenth century.

The motto makes the message of the composition whole, emphasizing the essence of our profession: faith and fidelity towards the fundamental institutions of the Romanian state.

Note: The heraldic description and significance have received the consultative approval of the National Committee of Heraldry, the Heraldry Committee of Parliament and the specialists in military traditions from the National Military Museum.