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Protection and Guard Service

Romania, Bucharest, District 6
no. 42B, Bulevardul Geniului, Postal Code 060117
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UN High Officials Visited S.P.P. Headquarters on the Tenth Anniversary of Missions under the UN Aegis

The President of the UN General Assembly, H.E. Mr. John W. Ashe, H.E. Ms Ambassador Simona Miculescu, Romania’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, accompanied by a delegation of representatives from the United Nations and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were present at the SPP Headquarters on the celebration of ten years of external missions under the UN aegis.

Over the last decade, more than 300 officers of the Protection and Guard Service have represented Romania with honor, in missions carried out in the most active conflict areas. Throughout the years, 25 SPP teams provided protection services for UN high officials in theaters of operations such as Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan and Syria, successfully completing each and every of these missions.

Due to their professionalism and fulfillment of all the protective missions they were entrusted with, the United Nations decided to establish a training center for UN protection officers, in Bucharest, in partnership with SPP. Thus, in the 4 years since the creation of the Center of Excellence coordinated by SPP, the Romanians have shared their experience with tens of foreign officers who are currently performing protection missions under the UN aegis, in all the theaters of operations.

At present, SPP has 3 teams deployed in Sudan, South Sudan and Afghanistan.

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