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Protection and Guard Service

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Protection and Guard Service Personnel

The personnel of the Protection and Guard Service is composed of militaries, privates as well as civilian employees. PGS has specialized staff for all its fields of activity and gives a special attention to the performance standards.

The militaries have all the rights and liabilities of the militaries working in the armed forces; besides they have other specific rights and liabilities, regulated through laws and military regulations.

The activity carried out by the PGS personnel requires a permanent operative state, with daily fight missions as well as intellectual and physical efforts.

The training of the personnel has its own specific, due to the type of activity they develop. The training system lays a stress on the cohesion of the microgroups, within which each individual has to prove innitiative, good will, courage, tactfulness, perseverence as as well as team work.

In the last few years, based on the experience gathered since the establishment of the service, a new concept has been conceived, with a view to both perfecting and developing the training methods and to adapting them to the needs of the institution.

As far as the issues of personnel specialization and perfecting are concerned, the Protection and Guard Service has its own training department and has good cooperation relations both with other institutions in the field of defense, public order, national security and with counterpart services abroad.

Ways of Action

At present, the main ways of action in the human resources are the following:

  1. to intensify the processes of recruiting and selecting the candidates for the military education institutions, with a view to attracting the young persons to compete, at the entrance examination, for the places subsidized by the PGS;
  2. to select young persons, aged up to 35, mentally and physically healthy, with a big capacity to make effort, a good social behaviour, who are very well motivated to work in a special service and to take on special responsibilities;
  3. to investigate the potential of the PGS personnel and to place them in the right positions, depending on the individual abilities, skills, age and personal options so that each person's knowledge and experience should totally be capitalized on;
  4. to optimize the organizatorical structure of the service and to draw a fine line among its different competencies and structures, so that the PGS could function, in the future, as a coherent military organism, with an important role and place in the field of defense, public order and national security.

Personnel selection

The militaries of the Protection and Guard Service are usually selected from the graduates of military colleges, trained in military fields which are similar or identical to that of our service. Concerning certain specific fields for which there is no training in the military colleges, the personnel is selected from the best graduates of the civil colleges; these graduates meet the criteria and requirements established by law and by the order of the director of the institution.

The human resources department is in charge with recruiting the military personnel to fill the vacant positions, in compliance with the legal provisions and with the principle of equality of chances.

The selection of the militaries, the vettings and the investigations for hiring are carried out according to the needs of the institution and to the budgetary funds which are alloted to personnel expenses; this selection is accomplished by the human resources departments, with the support of the specialized structures, according to the regulations in the field.

The process of checking the way in which the responsibilities taken are carried out continues after hiring, too.

According to the legislation in force the future PGS employee will be banned or restricted the exercise of certain rights and liberties; he/she is to be subject to a rigurous vetting meant to determine whether he/she is compatible for access to state secret information.

The selection criteria are based on the acquired experience which helped to point out the main qualities that the PGS personnel in various departments must have, in order to successfully carry out their tasks and to reach profesional performance.