sigla spp

Protection and Guard Service

Romania, Bucharest, District 5, Palace of Parliament, B3 wing,
no. 1-3, Calea 13 Septembrie, Postal Code 050711
Tel: 021 - 408.10.21; 021 - 408.13.20;
Fax 021 - 408.11.01;

Free communication of information through the media as well as free expression of ideas and opinions are guaranteed. Law no. 544/2001 regarding free access to the information of public interest is, according to its first article, "one of the main principles of the relations between persons and public authorities".

Ways of accreditation for journalists

The accreditation application is forwarded to The Headquarters of The Protection and Guard Service, whose address is no. 1-3, Calea 13 Septembrie (Palace of Parliamen, Wing B3 I); it shall be joined by the following:

  • copy of ID or Passport;
  • copy of the press identification card, with an up-to-date endorsement;
  • a recent photo.

Lt-Col Bogdan Onea, spokesman

Postal Adress: Bulevardul Geniului Nr. 42B, Sector 6, Bucuresti, Cod postal 060117
Phone: +4021.408.1021

Press releases


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