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THE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE FOR PROTECTION AND SECURITY (CEPS) of the Protection and Guard Service for training the security personnel of the United Nations

In August 2009, Romania, through the Protection and Guard Service, became a partner of the United Nations Organizations, in the joint training program for the UN protection and security personnel; A Memorandum of Understanding between the Romanian Government and the United Nations was signed, at a ceremony, in New York.

Based on the above mentioned document, on the 22nd of March 2010 a Centre of Excellence for Protection and Security (CEPS) of the UNO is inaugurated in Bucharest. CEPS will have a training department, on the one hand, and a development and experimental one, on the other hand.

The Organization of the United Nations chose Romania and PGS to establish this education structure, due to the efficiency with which the Romanian militaries have carried out the protection missions with the UN and to the professionalism that the Romanian protection officers have proved in the difficult situations that they have come across during the last five years, since they have been in the operational theatres in Sudan and Afghanistan.

The main objective of the curriculum is to improve the way of action and establish its common pattern for the members of the close protection team, in order for them to carry out effective missions, under difficult conditions, in the operational theatres, in the deployment area.

The Centre has an international character; the persons that attend the training sessions have been selected, following their individual application for this course, from those who carry out protection missions in the operational theatres, according to the UN procedures. Those who are in charge with training the course students are PGS employees and UN personnel. They all are very well trained in the field of military, police or security procedures; they have also great experience in the field of close protection, self-defense and security technics, in the operational theatres and in the international missions.

The training of the UN personnel that will attend this course will take place in the PGS training areas; the courses will have a span of four weeks. In 2010 it is planned that there will be four such training sessions.

The logistics costs for the training programs will be totally paid by UNO.

Statements of UN high dignitaries

Gregory Starr

Fotografia Gregory Star

– since the 1st of June 2009 he has been a UN Undersecretary of State on security

  The partnership which we have with the UN has the purpose of training the protection officers at the highest standards and also of using the state-of-the-art technique that meets the present requirements. This will be a benefit for both parties and also, a new chapter in the protection activity.

Kai Aage Eide

Fotografia Kai

–until March 15th 2010, he was the Special Representative of the Secretary General of UNO, for Afghanistan and Chief of the UN Assistence Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

 UN is grateful for the fact that Romania is now setting up a Centre of Excellence to train close protection teams from abroad, to serve at the UN mission. That will be a very valuable contribution to the safety and security of the UN personnel and leaders of UN missions.

David Christopher Veness

Fotografia Veness

–until June 1st, 2009, he was the UN undersecretary general on safety and security

  This Centre would be a special experience, in support of all the UN activities, on the global level; at the same time it will be a great benefit for this area of interest. It will be an excellent basis, used for training the protection officers for the UNO. The geographical and geopolitical position of Romania strongly recommends it for the purpose.