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Protection and Guard Service

Romania, Bucharest, District 5, Palace of Parliament, B3 wing,
no. 1-3, Calea 13 Septembrie, Postal Code 050711
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Internal Missions

The persons entitled to benefit from protection and the objectives whose guard is provided by The Protection and Guard Service are established through the decisions taken by the Council of National Defense.

Within the limits of the approved number of personnel,The Protection and Guard Service can supplement the forces and means lawfully designed to protect the foreign dignitaries, during their stay in Romania, at their request and in exchange for a cost; with the approval of the Council of National Defense, our service can do the same, in the same circumstances, for other persons.

UN Missions

In 2004, U.N.O. – the Department of Security and Safety signed a Memorandum with The Protection and Guard Service in order for the latter to provide protection for the dignitaries who belong to this international institution and who develop their activity in the operation theatres in Sudan and Afghanistan.

The first mission of PGS began in Sudan, in 2004, when 11 militaries were sent in the operation theatres. They were tasked to provide protection for the UN dignitaries who carried out their diplomatic missions in Sudan.

Since then the Protection and Guard Service has deployed 25 protective details for the UN dignitaries; 300 PGS officers have carried out so far missions in the operational theatres in Sudan, Afghanistan and Siria.

At present, 36 PGS militaries carry out missions in the above mentioned countries.

Afganistan – since 2005 till present, the Protection and Guard Service has deployed nine groups, made up of 12 militaries, each; they have provided protection for the dignitaries in this country.

Sudan since 2004 till present fourteen protective details have carried out missions in this country. Thus, between 2004 - 2006 a protective detail, made up of nine PGS officers carried out protection missions in this area; the number of the protective detail members grew to 12 between 2006-2007. In 2007 UN officials requested to supplement the number of the protection details in that territory and, in this way, there were two teams, of 12 persons, each; they carried out missions in Khartum and Darfur, on an yearly basis.

The PGS details have carried out their missions successfully, every time; thus the dignitaries they provided protection for could develop their activity in good conditions, in ones of the most dangerous and challenging areas in the world.

Upon completion of each mission, the UN officials have extended their thanks to the Romanian officials and to the PGS leadership, for the responsibility and professionalism of the Romanian officers.


The NATO summit was the greatest political event of 2008 which focused all the world’s attention on Romania. As it was attended by almost 4.000 delegations and over 10.000 journalists, the organization and development of this mission requested the most complex security and administrative measures ever taken in our country.

During the NATO summit, almost 35.000 persons from Map (Ministry of Defense), MIRA (Ministry of the Interior and of Administrative Reform), SPP (Protection and Guard Service), SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service), SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service) and STS (Speciall Telecommunication Service) participated in the provision of the protection and security measures, necessary to a good development of the event.

At the end of the event, the director of the NATO Security Office, Michael Turner Evanoff, declared that the Summit in Bucharest was a success, as far as the security system is concerned; he mentioned the big number of the order forces involved was normal for such a high level meeting. Evanoff said that it might be the most successful summit he attended in his 23-year career and appreciated the Romanian authorities for the very good organization of the security system. „The success of this summit placed Romania on the map.” Concluded the NATO official at the end of the press declarations.

In fact, the experience of organizing the security missions of the NATO summit, under the coordination of The Protection and Guard Service was taken advantage of at the beginning of 2009, through some experience exchanges with counterparts from Germany and France; these countries hosted the works of this years edition of the NATO summit.